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  In 2016, John Hopkins University researchers estimated that medical errors kill 251,000 people annually -- make it as the top three killers in the U.S. after heart disease and cancer 

        In medium and high-income country, 1 in 10 inpatients will experience a harmful incident during their stay in hospital (IBEAS study, 2011)

       In developing country, 20% of inpatients experienced at least one harmful incident during their hospital stay (IBEAS study, 2011)

   How about in Indonesia? No existing study yet that established a valid medical error rate in the Indonesian hospitals 

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    Receiving a safe care is a human right to health because everyone has the right to the highest attainable standard of care. Our mission is to help improving patient safety in Indonesia through education and research. 

  Receiving a safe care is a human right to health.

 We apply a systemic thinking to solve a problem. 

    We assist and facilitate the committed health services to connect, collaborate and developing effective improvement measures in patient safety.

  The problems we face are too big thus we need to collaborate!


  We are welcoming other institutions, such as education institution, hospital, primary health care who are committed to improve patient safety to join our network.

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