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Inge Dhamanti, SKM, MKes, MPH, PhD

     Dr Inge graduated from La Trobe University, Australia in December 2017 and currently in Melbourne for 6 months postdoctoral Fellowship in patient safety until December 2018. Safety has become her interest and passion in the last 10 years. She has been working on some patient safety projects in Indonesia and Australia but still, she wants to learn more.



Taufik Rachman, SH, LLM, PhD


  Dr Taufik graduated from Victoria University, Australia in 2016 and has a background in corruption/law. However, he has a big concern about the safety of the patient during hospitalization thus he devotes his time to help the Center to analyse patient safety-related regulations, while also ensuring transparency and accountability of the funded projects.


Muhammad Ardian C. L., dr. SpOG, M.Kes


  dr Ardian is a busy ob-gyn that manages a hospital and also handles the safety and quality in Universitas Airlangga Hospital. Improving the quality of hospital services is his daily activity so he has the knowledge on the real problems. He works together with the Center to assist in finding the best solution for patient safety issue.  



Elida Zairina, S.Si, MPH, PhD, Apt.


 Dr Elida's background is pharmacy and public health. She finished her PhD and Postdoctoral program from Monash University Australia. She teaches Medication Safety at the Faculty of Pharmacy and really keen to bring the theory into practice to address the medication-related incident issue in hospital or primary health care. 


Rista Fauziningtyas S.Kep. Ns., M.Kep.

  Mrs. Rista is a nurse specialised in gerontic care. Elderly people appear to have a higher risk of experiencing medical errors. Unfortunately, knowledge of patient safety in geriatrics in Indonesia is very poor thus by joining this Center, she hopes to raise awareness while also addresses the implications of safety for elderly patients.

About Us

Our Missions

  We are a non-profit organization dedicated to improving patient safety in Indonesia through education and research. We are a group of people that have safety quality background or have a strong interest in patient safety. Since we believe that no one has the best knowledge thus we try to complement each other by focus on someone's else strength and working together for one goal. 

     As patient safety data in Indonesia is rare, in our early years, our focus is to establish the data for Indonesia so we could help Government in putting patient safety in their agenda.

  1. To provide free patient safety education for health workers, at various professions and levels, and to community.

  2. To conduct multidisciplinary research in the field of patient safety.

  3. To collaborate with health services to improving care.

  4. To establish partnership and collaboration with national and international organizations. 

  5. To publish patient safety articles at the local and international levels.

Meet Our Team

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