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Let's contribute as a volunteer, publish an article, and cooperate with us!

What's in?


Research Area

      Every year, we will decide a research theme and will invite (open applications) for hospitals or primary health care to voluntarily join our project however because of our resources limitation, the numbers will be limited. 

       Some points to highlight, we only invite hospital or primary health care that:

  1. has a strong commitment to improving safety and quality,

  2. has a knowledge of the problem in its institution and able to provide a background information or data, 

  3. doesn't expect an instant result, that's not what we do,

  4. willing to provide resources to support the project in their own institution,

  5. willing to share the best practices with other institution for the benefit of patients.

Stethoscope on the Cardiogram

Our Focus in 2019

    We are recruiting Indonesian hospitals that are interested to join our research in these two areas:

  1. how hospials implement incident reporting,  developing learning, disseminate learning and           developing a risk reduction strategy. Preferably a teaching hospital but other type of hospitals are welcome to join.  

  2. ​providing feedback on our patient safety      training materials that focus on improving      effective communication in health services. 

      As this is a non-funded projects, we invite the hospitals to provide in-kind supports while benefiting to receive recommendation to solve the problems.


  For further enquires, send en email to

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