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Projects: Get Involved

Professional Handshake

   We welcome anyone who has interest and wants to volunteer on our future events, such as:

  1. volunteering on our future seminar;

  2. volunteering to manage our web, social media, and doing the administration duties;

  3. volunteering as the speaker in our future training or Discussion Forum especially for anyone who has a knowledge in patient safety.

   For example, patient safety in a clinical setting and non-clinical setting, accreditation and patient safety, etc

Typing on Computer
Write an article

   We are happy to receive any articles in patient safety area to be published in our website. 

 The article recommended length is between 500 to 750 words. It could be an opinion piece or a part of academic writing and can be written in Bahasa Indonesia or English. The most important thing is we discourage dishonest act such as plagiarism.

Business Partners at Work
Corporate Sponsor

  We open opportunities for corporates to sponsor our future events! 

   Further information will be listed here...

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